Tumblers and Mugs and Notebooks! OH MY!

Mugs Shower Curtain Thank you Tumblers

Not quite as exciting as Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my), but still VERY exciting news! We have many new collections to pick from! My favorite is actually Matching shower curtain and bath mat designs! The bathroom never looks so good! 

Tumblers are great, especially the vacuum insulated ones! These designs are OFF THE CHARTS, and selling like the proverbial hotcakes, with lots of butter and syrup! 

Coffee mugs for everyone! Especially if you are a dog lover like me! We have so many cut coffee mugs to offer, with new ones coming out daily!

Come see all we have to offer! 

If you are ever wanting custom items like these, I can do that too! Just email me at creator@chvinylcreations.com!

I appreciate all the love and support my new shop is getting! Thank you All! 

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